(( LOOK I’VE BEEN PRODUCTIVE! I’m sorry for being not here at… all lately, guys. I blame school. Last bit of the semester, not even a month left. Econ 202 and Calc is kicking my ass and demanding most of my time outside of emails/skype/aim. But I’m really trying! I’ve got my drafts down to 9! I promise I’ll be back tomorrow to at least try and knock a few more out of there. Don’t hate me/leave me. I love you. ):

Also! Hello to all you new followers! I don’t know where all… 21 of you came from but seriously. Wow, hi! I’m usually not this bad I swear. Come here and let me love you all. I’ll reblog this in the morning so hopefully everyone manages to see it. ))

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  1. fishfingersandgeronimo said: ((No rush, dear! If you’ve work that you need to do, then you need to do it. xx))
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