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It was John that noticed it first — little things were changing, memories mostly. Normally when changes like that happened you weren’t supposed to feel the differences. But of course John could. He may be human but he still had the brain of a Time Lord — he could tell when his lines diverged into two completely different paths — one where he didn’t even exist. It wasn’t just him though, was it? Of course not. Rose, Jackie, Pete, her little brother, Mickey, Martha, Donna, hell even Sarah-Jane were all being affected too, their past and presents being rewritten.

For all of his knowledge there was nothing they could do. He hadn’t the slightest clue what was causing it. They tried their best to ignore it. Maybe it was just a glitch in the system. Besides, it wasn’t like there was anything they could do about it from there. It wasn’t like they could just jump through to the other dimension and track down the problem — even if it was a possibility they’d rip down the fabric of space and time doing it.

It’s fine’ John usually wasn’t one to try and placate or coddle but he’d said it to her so many times Rose couldn’t even begin to keep track. 'I'm sure it'll fix itself! Nothing to worry about!' She didn’t believe him, she doubted he even believed himself.

Time went by, months passed and nothing. They’d almost forgotten it completely and that’s when it started, John was fading. Just a flicker at first, a tiny moment and part of him would go transparent. It scared her. She tried talking to Torchwood and her parents about it but none of them remembered him. John who? It figured, just when Rose had thought life was looking up everything came crashing down. Her worst nightmares were coming true.

'If everything is changing there has to be a weak point in space and time, right? Couldn't I go through if there was?' The suggestion had just been a whim. Honestly, she’d figure that he’d call her daft right then and there on the spot but it got the wheels turning. John was too far gone to do anything himself but he could tell Rose what to do. If they acted fast she just might be able to hop through to her dimension and save their future. Once everything was righted they’d all be put back into their own places — she wouldn’t have to worry about coming back through. They had thought that figuring out the weak point would be the hard part. They already had dimension cannons, sure they weren’t in working condition but they had all of the technology, that should be easy. Nothing was easy, it was a lesson they should have already known.

In the end it took them weeks to get everything ready. But finally they stood on the shores of Dålig Ulv Stranden once again — the weak point. Neither were particularly surprised. There were so many thing she had wanted to tell him before she left but time wasn’t on their side. He was fading faster than ever, just barely vapors, almost like a ghost. If she didn’t leave now the hole would close and they would be stuck. Once he was gone they’d move on to her and her mum next. So she held it in, swearing to herself that she’d tell him all of the things she’d locked away when she returned — because she would. She would return. Closing her eyes she slammed her palm against the button and prayed for the best.

Dimensional travel was rocky at best and absolutely brutal at worse. The first few times Rose had tried it she’d fallen flat on her bum. Not this time, though. She really didn’t want to consider what that said about her. Glancing around, Rose did her best to spot landmarks that would help her figure out just when and where she landed but she wasn’t really seeing much. That is until she spotted a Hendriks just a little ways down the block. Cautiously she moved towards it — the last thing she needed to do was run into herself and create some sort of paradox. Somehow she just didn’t think Reapers would be all too helpful in this situation. It didn’t matter though, it was already too late. All of her caution meant nothing as she saw an all too familiar shock of blond hair leaving the store.

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    The explosion was deafening even from blocks away. Rose could smell it in the air. Froze in her tracks, she stared ahead...
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    Rose hopped down an alley way, pausing at the end of it as a cool breeze blew through her hair, sending a shiver down...